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About The Film


The Way We Talk explores the ways stuttering has affected my life―the journey of coming to terms with stuttering not being curable, and it being inheritable. My mom, dad, brother, and grandpa all stuttered; stuttering is woven into every thread of my family story. On the verge of starting a family, I ask myself how I would react if I heard my own children stutter. What would I say to them?


The story moves us through personal memory, support groups, speech therapy, and a chance meeting on my honeymoon in Japan with a radical therapist named Shinji Ito. There is no revelation or cure in the story, just a step closer to being at peace with the fact that stuttering is hard, because life is hard, but also good, because life is good―and for me there is no one without the other.




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For The Way We Talk Educational DVD, please visit Collective Eye Films.

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