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The Way We Talk
‘The Way We Talk’ to raise stuttering awareness in Iowa City

Little Village, October 18, 2016

By Lauren Shotwell

The Way We Talk: Highly Recommended

Educational Media Reviews Online, October 5, 2016

By Joseph Baumstarck, Jr.

Oregon Media Arts Fellowship Spotlight: The Way We Talk

Northwest Film Center, June 7, 2016

By Vincent Warne

The Way We Talk: When Stuttering Truly Becomes Okay

StutterTalk, February 21, 2016

By Christopher Constantino

Talking About Stuttering

Oregon Public Broadcasting, June 19, 2015

By Sage Van Wing and Ivanna Tucker


“Your presentation was the most inspirational session I have ever attended in my 35 years of attending state and national presentations as an SLP and former school principal.  Your story, so beautifully told, inspired me not only with the work I might do in the future with clients who stutter, but with all individuals who present communication differences.”


      Mike Buchanan, Speech-Language Pathologist

      Retired Coordinator and Principal, Gladstone Center for Children and Families

"I just want to say the feeling I got from watching The Way We Talk is indescribable, usually stuttering documentaries make me feel sad and hopeless but this… gave me a sense of empowerment, I've never been so proud of my stutter in this moment ever."   


      Andrew, age 22


Glenn working with a young man who stutters.